• Franz Josef Land

    «-45° is not exactly what you would call interesting, however the way you deal with it is»

  • Clariden

    «My most important experience: Any solo achievement can only be accomplished with a team.»

  • Thomas Ulrich am Nordpol

    «True challenges are found where no one else has ever searched before.»

  • Azoren

    «Air! A wonderful element with challenges of its’ own.»

  • Vortrag Mercedes-Benz

    «To me, inconceivable does not mean unfeasible.»

  • Franz Josef Land

    «To live your dream, one must be alert at all times.»

  • Urban Climbing

    «Paths can also be found where none have been seen.»

  • Greenland

    «Discovering the world again and again – this is my dream.»

  • Greenland

    «Taking a break is important to gain new energy and ideas.»

  • Lofoten

    «Willpower pushes me ahead, new ideas take me further.»

North Pole – Last Degree

Guided expedtions to the North Pole, April 1-15, 2017

What is to be found out there amidst the cold and ice? At a first glance not very much at all – but often it is precisely this nothingness, the overpowering silence, the broad horizon and the absence of any distraction whatsoever which open up a complete new perspective. I always say, «-45 degrees is not very interesting, how you deal with it is.» An expedition in the Arctic will tell you a great deal about yourself. Come along and discover a whole new world! I guide a small group to the Pole every year. Dates and further information

North Pole – Last Degree

Transarctic Solo 2016

Nordpol – Last Degree

Transarctic Solo 2016 has been put on ice. During my test expedition in April 2015, I realized there are limits for this project I do not want to exceed...




100 Days Adventure

Bringing you closer to the outdoors with more than just a story. I motivate, inspire, and widen horizons.

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My Expeditions

Setting off. Discovering. Breaking new ground. In the mountains. On the ice. Patagonia. Franz Joseph Land. The North Pole.

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An excerpt from my work as an outdoor photographer.

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I have filmed on the Eiger, on Mount Everest and on the North Pole and have received numerous awards for my work.

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The next «Last Degree» Trips

April 1-15, 2017
April 2-16, 2018

Important Facts:

  • You are part of a small group taking part in a very exclusive expedition.
  • The total trip duration is 15 days
  • We will spend 7 out of 9 days on the ice, skiing an approximate distance of 120km.
  • You will be flown back from the North Pole in a Russian helicopter.
  • Target rate per person: CHF 49'990.-
  • Find answers to your urgent questions in our FAQ

  • In cooperation with Kobler & Partner

Polar Guides Association
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Nikon Travel
Photo trip Patagonia

Ever since my first visit to Patagonia I have been fascinated by this region with its vastness, its bareness, its wild landscape. In Patagonia, a special wind, causing a feeling of freedom in me blowing. (...)»

Guide: Thomas Ulrich
Dates: December 5 - 20, 2015

More information (German): NikonTravel.ch

Nikon Travel


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